about us

Bristol Palestine Alliance was formed as an urgent and organic response to the horrific events that occurred in Gaza post October 7th 2023

Acting as an umbrella group, it brings members from organisations, groups and communities in Bristol together to respond collectively to organise marches and other events to call for a ceasefire in Gaza and an end to Israels brutal and racist occupation of Palestine.

Having worked together successfully for many years in the past, we are based on an existing network of solidarity, striving for peace in Palestine.

We are growing and welcome any active group or organisation with similar goals who align with our approach to join our network so that we can work effectively to achieve a free Palestine.

Who is currently part of Bristol Palestine Alliance and how can I join?

Our members are actively working hard to do whatever we can to call for a ceasefire and to end the illegal occupation in Palestine. Below are current members dedicating time, effort and resources to the cause.

Bristol Defend the Asylum Seekers Campaign

Bristol Muslim Community

University of Bristol Friends of Palestine

Voices from Palestine

Naming the Dead


NOT The BCfm Politics Show

Queers for Palestine

Madaniya Bristol


Dr. Lawrence Hoo Poet

Matt Ó Branáin – Assange Action Bristol