The Importance Of Being Anti-Zionist

In the face of such a tragedy that threatens human values, as is happening in Palestine, if we do not seek to dismantle Zionism, all of humanity will be threatened.

It means we have legitimised the rape and occupation of another people’s land. We have legitimised settler colonialism and its process of violence through massacres, theft, and oppression of the worst kind and on the worst level.

In the case Zionism has not been dismantled, this shame in the conscious of the world will remain. Human values will be reduced to nothing; they will be stripped off their weight. That is because the temporary and narrow interests of the World Powers, to create a state at the detriment of another people will occur at the expense of principles and values.

In the same way the world superpowers conspired to uproot the Palestinians, it is the duty of the world to undo this biggest shame on humanity.

~ Batool Subeiti